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COP21 side event ”Climate change mitigation Policy Progression Indicator (CPPI)” report


Presentation 1 Climate change mitigation Policy Progression Indicator (CPPI)--a tool for measuring progression of climate change mitigation at national levels: Introduction and initial examination
Dr. Yasuko Kameyama, NIES, Japan
Presentation 2 開発された指標に対する課題
Dr. Kentaro Tamura, IGES, Japan
Comments Comment from experiences in Environment Performance Index (EPI)
Dr. Angel Hsu, Yale Univ., USA
Comment from perspectives from the South
Dr. Hilton Trollip, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Comment from experiences in IEA
Dr. Timur Guel, IEA, France
Chair Dr. Yukari Takamura, Nagoya Univ., Japan
Photo of the session

Session Summary

A new indicator called CPPI (Climate change mitigation Policy Progression Indicator) was introduced by Kameyama. She also explained a trial examination using data of U.S., EU, Japan, and China, and indicated some important results. Next, Tamura made a brief remark on some of the ways to improve the indicator. After the two presentations, three experts were requested to make comments on the CPPI for further improvements. First, Hsu introduced some of the lessons learned in development of climate change indicators under EPI (Environment Performance Indicator). Next, Trollip made comments from perspective of the South, including situation in South Africa. Finally, Guel introduced some of the latest findings by IEA studies on energy-related indicators. The floor was opened for comments and questions. Two questions were raised. These comments will be reflected in the study to develop revised version of the indicators.

Key Messages

All the comments made today will be reflected in the revised version of CPPI before long. Then, data will be collected from the four countries / regions to try out the indicator. As other research institutions around the globe is also interested in researches related to indicators on climate policies, it may be worthwhile to consider organizing a workshop, participated by researchers who engage in such indicator development studies.