22 Nov. 2016
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Climate change mitigation Policy Progression Indicator (C-PPI)
--a tool for measuring progression of climate change mitigation at national level
Side Event: 18 November 2016, 13:00-14:30 @ Japan Pavilion

Photo of the event

NIES and collaborating institutions have developed a set of indicators called Climate change mitigation Policy Progression Indicator (C-PPI) to measure progression of climate change mitigation at national levels. Aim of this event was to give brief introductions of the C-PPI, and presents assessment of major economies to examine countries’ progress in mitigation of climate change.

A kick-off presentation was made by Dr. Yasuko Kameyama, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), to make a brief explanation on the latest publication on 37 Action Indicators and 6 Outcome Indicators to measure progression of climate change policies. The presentation was followed by two other speakers to deepen further understanding of methodology to assess policies in relevant areas. Measuring progress of policies to promote renewable energy was presented by Prof. Yukari Takamura, Nagoya University, while measuring progress of policies to improve energy efficiency of fossil fuel fire power plants was explained by Mr. Akihisa Kuriyama, IGES.

A similar study that aimed at assessment of climate mitigation policy, Climate Action Tracker, had published a new report that updated data to assess the latest policy efforts of countries. This report was introduced by a guest speaker, Mr. Frederic Hans, from NewClimate Institute.

The four presentations were followed by a discussion by Dr. Angel Hsu, Yale- National University of Singapore (NUS), who enlightened the participants with valuable comments and recommendations.

There were five recommendations altogether:

The next step for the C-PPI project is to apply the C-PPI method to other countries in different circumstances, so as to see its applicability to developing countries with less data availability.