AIM/SLCP tool (Scenario Lookup by Coalition for Protecting environment tool)は、 世界およびアジアを対象とし、長寿命温室効果ガス(Long-Lived Greenhouse Gases)、 短寿命気候汚染物質(Short-Lived Climate Pollutants)、 大気汚染物質への対策導入による削減効果、およびそのときの環境影響変化を評価し、 気候変動問題と大気汚染問題の同時解決を検討するためのシナリオ探索ツールです

AIM/SLCP (Scenario Lookup by Coalition for Protecting environment) is a simplified assessment tool which we search and examine scenarios to solve climate change issues and air pollutant issues simultaneously, focusing on Asia and the World, by evaluating emissions reductions of Long-Lived Greenhouse Gases (GHGs), Short-Lived Climate Pollutants (SLCPs) and air pollutants due to implementing several key mitigation measures, and consequently evaluating environmental impact changes.