International Collaboration Program

In 1994 the AIM project introduced an international collaboration program to further develop the AIM model and to make it available as a common analytical tool for policy studies in the region.

In order to promote this collaboration program, the Ministry of the Environment, Japan offered research funds and Eco-Frontier Fellowships to researchers for data collection and model development. In addition to these Ministry of the Environment sources of support, researchers have been awarded Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Japan Foundation Fellowships, United Nations University Internships and other bilateral scholarships.

Collaborative research agreements have been arranged with the following Asian research institutes: Energy Research Institute and Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research in China, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and Lucknow in India, Seoul National University and Korea Environment Institute in Korea, and IndonesiaAsian Institute of Technology in Thailand, and Universiti Putra Malaysia.

In addition to the institutes in Asia, the AIM team made contracts with American and European research institutes: specifically, the Pacific North west National Laboratory in Washington and the International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis in Vienna. This facilitated the exchange of data and researchers. These exchanges enabled the best models from each group to be linked to those of the other institutes. Another partner is the United Nations University which promotes the development of the research network with Asian developing countries.

The AIM project team holds an annual workshop to present and discuss the latest research results from each collaborative institute and to set priorities for further work. A strong communication network and frequent collaborative activities have resulted from these initiatives.



Dr. Tsuneyuki Morita

National Institute for Environmental Studies
Research areas: 
Grobal modeling, Environmental economics, Policy science

>> Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Morita

Dr. Gakuji Kurata

Kyoto University
Research areas: 
Atmospheric environmental engineering

>> Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Kurata

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