AIM-SSP/RCP 排出および土地利用グリッドデータ


Name AIM-SSP/RCP Gridded Emissions and Land-use data
Version name AIM-SSP/RCP Ver2018
Release date 2018/03/16
DOI 10.18959/20180403.001
Description Downscaled SSP/RCP emissions and land-use data which are aggregated from regionally aggregated information. The downscaling methods are described in Fujimori et al. 2017 and Hasegawa et al. 2017. The data description paper (Fujimori et al. (submitted)) has been submitted to Scientific Data.
Temporal coverage 2005 + decadal resolution from 2010 to 2100.
The spatial resolutions 0.5 degree lat/lon
Variables Emissions from 12 sectors (agriculture, agricultural burning, energy, forest burning, industry, domestic, inland transport, air transport, savanna burning, shipping, solvent, waste)
8 species for emissions (BC, CH4, CO, NH3, NOx, OC, SOx, VOC)
Land use category (Natural Forest, natural grassland, managed forest, pasture, cropland, bioenergy cropland, and urban)
Scenarios Combination of five SSPs (SSP1, SSP2, SSP3, SSP4 and SSP5) and six levels of mitigation level specified by radiative forcing targets (1.9, 2.6, 3.4, 4.5, 6.0 and baseline)
File format NetCDF
Data volume 261 Mb for each emission file; 76.1 Mb for each land use file
CO2 concentration (csv)


Land use data For ver.1.0.1,
2018/11/06: Land use data has been updated due to the bug in the data process in calculation of crop fallow area.