IAMC Meeting


September 15-16, 2009
At Tsukuba International Congress Center, 2-20-3 Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0032, Japan

Agenda (PDF/54KB)
Participant List (as of 26th Sep 2009) (PDF/259KB)


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September 15, 2009(Tuesday)

IAMC Update & Tentative Principles of Operation/Participation
08:30-10:00 IAMC Update & Tentative Principles of Operation/Participation
Kainuma, Nakicenovic, Weyant, Edmonds, Kram
The Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium (PDF/332KB)
Jae Edmonds


RCP Process Update and Plans, Overview, Preparation details & result, Key Issues, and Future Research Directions
10:30-12:00 New integrated scenarios approach & Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs) (PDF/552KB)
Steven Rose
Emission Pathway for 6W/m2 (1,062KB)
Toshihiko Masui
RCP 8.5 and some suggestions for follow-up IAMC activities (PDF/298KB)
Keywan Riahi
IMAGE RCP2.6 (PDF/1,632KB)
Detlef Van Vuuren
RCP4.5 Update (PDF/241KB)
Allison Thomson

-Lunch Break-

Panel on Ongoing Community Activities (15 Minute Max)
12:45-14:15 Low Carbon Society (PDF/1,098KB)
Mikiko Kainuma
PIK Model Comparison Studies-ADAM/RMCP (PDF/683KB)
Elmar Kreigler
IPCC Special Report on Renewable Energy (PDF/550KB)
Volker Krey, Leon Clarke


Co-ordination With IPCC Including Video Conference With IPCC Leadership & TSU Presentations
14:30-16:30 Video Message (99.8MB, mpeg)
Rajendra K Pachauri
IPCC's Catalytic Role: Coordinating Scenarios Jointly with IAMC (PDF/582KB)
Ottmar Edenhofer
16:30-17:00 Future Coordination With the CM Community (PDF/1,281KB)
Jae Edmonds, Nebojsa Nakicenovic
17:00-17:30 Future Coodination With the IAV Community (Start With RCP Teams)

September 16, 2009(Wednesday)

Panel on Future Community Activities (20 Min. Max Each)
08:30-10:10 NREL Renewable Energy Analysis Consortium (PDF/44KB)
Weyant for Arendt
Asian Scenarios Project (PDF/770KB)
Katherine Calvin
Global Energy Assessment (PDF/190KB)
Nebojsa Nakicenovic
EMF 22 (PDF/142KB)
Leon Clarke
Next EMF Study (PDF/61KB)
John Weyant


Revisit IAMC Institutional Design
Discussion of Remaining Phases of Scenarios Process
10:50-11:30 Reference Scenarios
Other Scenarios
Scenarios Database
Interactions with the CM and IAV communities
11:30-12:00 RCP Extensions to 2300, Story Lines, Detailed Data Handoffs, etc.

-Lunch Break-

Further Discussion of Community Activities, Including Additional Proposals/Refinements
13:00-14:00 The TIMES Integrated Assessment Model (ETSAP-TIAM): Contribution to the discussion (PDF/248KB)
Giancario Tosato


Further Discussion of Role of the IAMC (topics to be updated at meeting and lead discussants identified)
14:00-15:00 Further Discussion of Role of the IAMC (topics to be updated at meeting and lead discussants identified)
Discussion of Community Priorities
15:00-16:00 Discussion of Community Priorities

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